Internship Report

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Internship Report for Mobilink

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Usman Ali

Table of Contents
1Executive Summary3
2.1Central Background Information5
2.2Company Background6
3Company Analysis8
3.1Operation Analysis8
3.1.2Operational Departments9
3.1.3Subscribers and Market Share10
3.2Financial Analysis11
3.2.1Operational Results11
3.2.2Balance Sheet Results12
3.2.3Ratio Analysis12
3.3Human Resource Assessment14
3.4Marketing Analysis15
3.4.1Electronic Media15
3.4.2Print Media16
3.4.3Advertising Agency and Brand Ambassadors16
4Environmental Analysis18
4.1Industry and Market Analysis18
4.1.1Major Product Lines Market Segment18
4.1.2Growth Rate of Entire Industry20
4.2Competitor Analysis21
4.2.1Major Competitors21
4.2.2Their Market Shares23
4.2.3Their Goals and Strategies24
4.3Technology Analysis26
4.3.1Technical Methods That Affect the Industry26
5Department Worked During Internship28
5.1Activities Done Within Cash Management Department28
5.1.1Daily Activities28
5.1.2Occasional Activities29
5.1.3Month End Activities30
5.2Tasks Performed During Internship31
5.2.1Daily Activities31
5.2.2Occasional Activities32
5.2.3Month End Activities33
6Identification of a Main Problem and Findings34
6.1Job Rotation and Advancement34
9.1Web Resources36
9.3Organizational Structure (Extract)37
Table of Illustrations

Figure 1: Comparative Figures of Coverage & Cell Sites9
Figure 2: Print Advertisements of Mobilink16
Figure 3: Products Offered By Different Mobile Companies19
Figure 4: Growth Rates in Mobile Industry 2005-July 200820
Figure 5: Segmentation of Total Subscribers in July 0823
Figure 6: Segmentation of Total Subscribers in December 0723

Table 1: An Overview of Mobilink’s Network8
Table 2: Number of Mobilink Subscribers from 2005-July 200810
Table 3: Market Shares of Mobilink from 2005-200710
Table 4: Profit Comparison between 2007 & 200611
Table 5: Balance Sheet Comparison between 2007 & 200612
Table 6: Current Ratio Comparison between 2006 & 200712
Table 7: Fixed Assets Turnover Comparison between 2006 & 200713
Table 8: Debt Ratio Comparison between 2006 & 200713
Table 9: Return on Common Equity Comparison between 2006 & 200713
Table 10: Designations of Mobilink’s Employees14
Table 11: List of Brand Ambassadors of Mobilink17

Executive Summary
The mobile industry of Pakistan has seen phenomenal growth in recent years. The total mobile subscribers in 2007 were more than 63 million, a growth of more than 80% from the previous year. The telecom sector of Pakistan was deregulated in 2003, and mobile industry being a part has seen phenomenal growth ever since. Many analysts believe that Pakistan is one of the fastest growing telecom markets in the world. Currently there are six diverse companies making the mobile industry of Pakistan, Mobilink being one of them. Other companies include Ufone, Telenor, Warid, Zong and Instaphone. Mobilink enjoys being the market leader with a 36% market share as of July, 2008. Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited (PMCL) launched its operations in August 1994, under the brand name of Mobilink. Initially it was a joint venture between Motorola and the Saif Group. Later on in April 2000, Orascom Telecom bought 38.6% stake in PMCL, later increasing it to 68.69%. In April 2001, Orascom Telecom took over management control of the company and as of December 31st, 2007, Orascom Telecom owns 100% of the share capital of Mobilink. Mobilink offers both postpaid (Indigo) and prepaid (JAZZ) solutions to their customers. Mobilink was awarded a 15-year license in July 1992 to...
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