Internship Report

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1.1 Background
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is four years bachelor degree program. It has been regarded as a course of study which is a blend of Management with Information Technology. It is designed in such a way that it aims to develop business and management skills necessary to become an effective human resource in managerial field as well as business leader and entrepreneur. The degree offers diversified theoretical knowledge as well as practical applications. The program enables an individual to become a competent, skilled, and confident and result oriented professional in today’s competitive world. It emphasizes problem solving competencies and skills which are very supportive in the organizations. It also improves critical and creative thinking, analytical ability and communication and presentation skills.

As the curriculum implemented by T.U for BBA 8th semester, the internship assignment is compulsory which covers marks. For the completion of BBA, students are required to perform internship individually. This internship, students are supposed to undertake for eight weeks, target to train and prepare students to learn real life working environment. Internship makes fresh students aware with the market and helps them to learn organizational culture, working procedure and real life challenges.

This project entitled “Total Productive Maintenance (5S)” has been prepared for the fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Bachelor in business administration (BBA), Tribhuwan University.

1.2 Objectives of the Report

The major objectives of this project are to learn about the Companying in the real world. Real world is quite different from the world of book. What studied in the books is difficult to implement in the real world until a correct supervision and observation of the real world scenario is done. This project mainly helped to observe all the real world aspects of Companying and providing operating services. The primary objective of this report is to fulfill the partial requirement of BBA program at Tribhuwan University. Besides that, general and specific objectives are mentioned below: * General objectives:

* To place emphasis on the basic principles and concepts of Companying * To know how theories are implemented practically in day to day operation * To develop managerial, interpersonal and communication skills and techniques applicable in future careers * To develop attitudes conducive to effective interpersonal relationships * To gain practical knowledge on how commercial Company operates * To increase confidence level, competitiveness and the sense of responsibility * To experience the real work environment

* To develop skills for problem solving and tackle the real world problems

* To test the ground before stepping in the industry
* To observe the organizational culture and try to adjust in professional environment

* Specific objectives
* To get acquainted with the performance of Bottlers Nepal Limited & its efficiency * To be familiar with production system and its scope in beverage industries * To analyze the importance of production system and its impact on overall Company * To understand different activities performed in Production System

1.3 Methodology

* Organization selection
Selection of organization for internship program is always a crucial task. As internship program provides an opportunity to learn about the organization and get better understanding and a more balanced view of organization it must be selected in personal interest and related field of specialization. At the present scenario, among different fields related with the management and finance one of the major field is the Companying sector. Being the student of BBA specialization in Industrial Management, I have chosen Bottlers Nepal Limited as the manufacturing company, which is not only Nepal’s leading...

Bibliography: Dr. Santosh R. poudyal, Gopal Man Pradhan, Kedar P. Bhandari (1st edition, 2064) Principles of MANAGEMENT, Asmita Publication, Bhotahity, Kathmandu
Seminar report, Universal College, 2012
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