Internship Letter

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[ Company representative]
[Company Name.]

Dear [ Company representative]

Thank you for offering a work experience Internship for our Diploma in Information Technology (Level 7) student, [YourName ], for the period 16th Sep 2013 to 11th November 2013.

The internship is the final part of the diploma programme and is a very important part of the programme [YourName ], is enrolled on andto provides the student withhim an opportunity, prior to graduation, to be directly involved within the IT sectorindustry. Regent International Education Group is also is confident that your organisation will benefit from our skill studentit will provide opportunities to use the skills of our student to provide benefits to your organisation.

The aims and learning outcomes of the Internship Programme are very general as organisations provide a range of opportunities for students to be involved from routine tasks to testing to special projects within an organisation.

The stated aims and learning outcomes for the Internship are:

To provide students with the opportunity to apply the skills developed earlier in the degree to a real life setting through being immersed in the functions of a real life organisation To reflect in an academic manner on the experience and how it relates to the other

Learning Outcomes:
Develop a proposal for an academic research report (which is based on the internship experience) Apply the skills learned in other courses as part of completing an internship in an ICT role in a real organisation Create and apply a risk management plan for the internship

Create and apply a quality assurance plan for the internship Create and apply a project management plan for the internship Reflect on the internship experience and how it relates to other courses completed as part of the qualification

All of the progress of the studenthese are will be carefully monitored and assessed by Regent International...
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