Internship Experience

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Health Care Management Internship Experience
Labovitz School of Business and Economics
University of Minnesota Duluth

Description of the Program
The purpose of the internship program is to provide juniors and seniors with an opportunity to enhance and apply what they learn in their academic program while working in a health service organization. Students are pursuing a degree in business administration and are majoring in health care management. Those that enroll in the Labovitz School of Business and Economics (LSBE) Health Care Management Internship Program will need to accumulate a minimum of 200 hours of work experience over the course of an academic semester or during the summer. The intent of the program is to provide relevant organizational experience to students who otherwise would not have the opportunity to work before completing a degree.

Employers are encouraged to participate in the cooperative education internship program. The basic requirements include a clear agreement regarding program requirements, the type of experience being provided, and a line of communication between the student’s mentor/supervisor and the faculty advisor.

Internship Objectives
The Health Care Management Internship Program enables students to gain added knowledge and skills through structured work experience. Opportunities are available to the student through an internship that cannot be achieved in the classroom. The primary goal of this endeavor is student learning. The specific objectives are to enable students to learn more about health care management; inform the health care community of student abilities and career preparation; give students the opportunity to develop a sense of responsibility for their continued learning by working independently and collaboratively within the parameters of an internship experience; familiarize students with the experiences related to the process of seeking employment; and strengthen ties between LSBE and the health care community by seeking advice from health care leaders concerning curriculum planning, student recruitment, and graduate placement.

The internship should be designed to provide the student a hands-on experience in a health service organization. It should provide a first hand look at day-to-day operations of a facility and provide the student an opportunity to observe and assist employees in various departments, if possible. It should provide the student an opportunity to observe and be actively involved in management activities using basic management skills of communication, problem solving, management of relationships, and analysis of information.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Parties
Employers of student interns are an integral part of the work experience program. It is important that employers understand that the internship is an educational program integrated with practical work experience. This requires the employer to give careful thought to the utilization of students who will be employed. During the internship the student is not a volunteer or an additional staff member but a trainee working to fulfill his/her learning needs in as active a manner as possible with the capability to make positive contributions to the achievement of organizational goals. The following items are basic responsibilities of the employer, mentor, faculty advisor, and student.

1. Interview students who apply for an internship with your organization to provide them with the added benefit of going through an interview and to help you decide which student best meets your employment needs. 2. Review and discuss student learning objectives during the interview or at the start of the internship, in order to identify means by which they will be accomplished during the employment period. 3. Plan work assignments progressively so that the student will advance from routine activities at the beginning of the internship to more job variety and...
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