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1.1 Company Profile 1.1.1 Introduction

RMA (Cambodia) Co., Ltd was recognized in 1992 in Phnom Penh, contribution a wide series of products and services. With more than 500 employees, RMA Cambodia procedures extend through the country with 6 different offices and branches. RMA head office’s address is Nº27, Str 134, P.O. Box 55, Sangkat Mittapheap, Khan 7 Makara, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Website: or contact via 023 883 488. 1.1.2 Vision and Mission RMA’s mission and vision is to keep three main words: Innovation, Integrity and Endurance. 1.1.3 RMA’s Contribution

RMA Cambodia is pleased to represent Ford and GM Chevrolet Automotive brands, SDMO and Kohler Power Generators, Power Plants, Heavy Machinery brands JCB, Shantui, John Deere and Dressta, and Food and Beverage retail openings The Pizza Company, Swensens, BBQ Chicken and Dairy Queen/Sajibumi. 1.1.4 1.2 RMA’s specializing Navies and Modified Fleets Heavy Equipment and Power Generation Solutions Aid & Development and Intermediation Mission Projects NGO and Government Project

Description of Internship Finance and Accounting Department is the family where internees does

internship as an accounting assistant. This department is focus on controlling the efficiency cost which means that we do the best in order to get the lower cost as possible and reliable financial report. RMA, there are seven companies in group such as Automobile Vehicle Rental (AVR), Devco, Auram, Express Food Group (EFG), Special Product (SP), RMA Investment (Installation and Investment), and FORD Brand: MV (Department on marketing vehicle – Motor Vehicle) and Ford Service Center (FSC-After Sale Service). There are classifications of each responsibility for each accountant in order to 1

get in height performance and reliable financial report. There are EFG group of accountant such as stock account and warehouse; furthermore, there are more accountants to response each these companies above. There are accountant on payment (A/P and general payment), Accountant on receivable (A/R and ReceiptIncome), Accountant on Tax (Tax payment and review), and others. Every month, internees have to follow up payment every week on Friday, and internee has to report or take it to accountant. Every A/P payment, internees must make sure that it is confirmed with vendors or suppliers, or at least, internees have detected statement with my personal taking note. To confirm with vendors or suppliers can connect anyways such as mailing or easy way telephone. Moreover, be confirmed is focus on month of invoice, number of invoice, amount of invoice, and other descriptions that are relevance. Doing like this, it is only one purpose that payment we paid is correctly and effective to avoid twin payment. Normally, period of payment of account payable is one month which it is available with the date of invoice. For example, the date of invoice is 14 March 2013, so the term that account payable will be paid is in the second week of following month. However, there are not adapted full hundred percent with this regulation, it is changed with real situation or the agreement between suppliers and buyers. For instance, term of payment in invoice agreement of supplier is not over one week after completed service or used. So, account payable must be paid after next week although it is not enough of term period of payment one month. Besides, every day internees has to take all invoices or others payments which approved to post in system that RMA used Peachtree System in business operation. Before posting, internee must be ensure that all the transaction and cases of this payment is clear and understood completely. If there is any problem or unclear information, internee can ask for help from my mentor or others staff who know, or internees can contact to who request or make payment through calling phone, e-mail, or oral if they are in the same head office. Internees’...
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