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Carlos Iyorgui Florez Arango

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Carlos Iyorgui Florez A.

Everybody is looking for internships nowadays, some because is an obligation in the university program and other ones because of the great opportunity offer, but they don`t really know what is the internship about. Is it worth it? What should they know? What are the employers looking for? What skills are needed? And final but not less important, where to do it? This essay is going to provide a brief explanation of this questions, and in this way can readers clear their mind and know a little be of what to expect, where to go according to their skills and what decision to make in front of this situation.

Lets start by saying that the internship is one of the most important parts of the career, because at the moment of hiring somebody for a direct job the employers always look for experience, something that many aspirant doesn’t have. According to Edwin W. Koc, research director at the National Association of Colleges and Employers “interns garner more job offers than applicants without that experience, but jobs that grow out of internships tend to command higher starting salaries”. What means that not only the intern is getting the experience that he is been ask for but also has a secure job as long as he is good at it.

Knowing this, the next thing future interns should look for is where to do it. As is mention in an article publish by the New York Times ““People have internships on the brain” these days, she said, but it’s important to choose the right time and place for them”. Students should not expect to go to a manager position when they are just starting their careers. Even if they receive the opportunity they should opted for one in a lower position, and like this learn how everything works from the bottom to the top for doing a better job...

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