Internet's Positive and Negative Effects

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Can you imagine your self without Internet? How life is going to be? Internet is the most beneficial invention of our time. Internet has developed many things and thoughts. For instance, you can express your opinion in a short Period of time to the entire world, and you can see what is going around the world while you are at home. There are many effects of the Internet as it can convince people to buy or to believe the information on some websites and it can make people unsocial.

However, people who use Internet a lot and spend many hours exploring in different social networks such as YouTube or Twitter, and stay at home rather than go out and talk to people and make friends or doing any kind of physical exercises that will lead them to be more individual or unsocial. There is a research stated that The United States of America is the second country with Internet users as there are 245,000,000 users that means 10.2% of the entire world are internet users, and that figure is only in the united states. Computers and Internet can not teach us how to get along with people and can not show us how to cooperate with other people.

Furthermore, people who surf the Internet to buy something specific they find themselves buying some items they do not need. In addition the information that people can find on the Internet can convince them and they will trust it even if it was without a trustful source. As we can see on the Internet there are many blogs and websites that publish news, facts, and information without any sources. For example, Wikipedia is a famous website that allows any person in any country to write and to add on the information without being verified on the website, no matter if they are experts or young or adults, for that reasonable reasons we should be careful when we use untrusted websites.

In conclusion, there are many effects of Internet and these are to convince people to buy or to believe the information on some websites,...
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