Internet a threat to children

Topics: Pornography, Child pornography, Child sexual abuse Pages: 3 (895 words) Published: April 23, 2014
Our Children in Danger
From a young age children are taught to never talk to strangers and to run away from them. But what if they couldn’t see that stranger? Say this stranger was behind a computer screen? Your child would not be able to run away from them, especially if that stranger said that they too were a child. This is the threat that all children face the second they access the internet, a threat that has been made far too real by the discovery of British 40 year old Geoffrey Portway’s house of horrors. Police in Massachusetts ordered a raid on Portway’s house and what they discovered was something I believed only existed in horror movies. They found a sound proofed dungeon within his basement; there they found a child-sized coffin, scalpels, butchering kits and castration tools. Portway had planned to kidnap, rape, kill and eat a child. He had used the internet as a means to talk to other pedophiles that also shared his interests in killing, raping and eating children. Portway used the alias “Long Pig” so as to protect his identity and as a “safe” way to trade child pornography with the other pedophiles online. Many of these photos were of children known to them. One of the men he most frequently talked to about this disgusting fantasy over Skype was Michael Arnett, during these conversations Portway would repeatedly ask Arnett to kidnap a child for him with the intent that he would immediately kill, rape and cannibalize the child. Of course we Brits are no strangers to this threat of pedophilia, the Jimmy Savile Scandal being the most prominent in our minds at the moment as well as the horrific pedophile ring uncovered in 2009 involving Vanessa George from the Little Ted’s Nursery in Devon. George also used the internet as a means of sharing the photos of the children from her nursery being sexually abused and as a way to communicate with other members of the pedophile ring. All of these cases should be enough to force us to want more restrictions...
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