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Internet use among distance learners in the changing higher education environment at the Bharathiar University, India S. Thanuskodi
Library and Information Science Wing, Directorate of Distance Education Annamalai university, Annamalai, Nagar 608 002. E-mail: Accepted 25 July, 2011

Internet use in Indian academic institutions and their libraries is creating an environment that is continuously changing. Multimedia and the Internet have further made the teaching and research functions of students and faculty members more challenging. The important features that have affected the quality of information are accuracy, currency, comprehensiveness and time. As the academic community is becoming aware of potential uses of Internet, these are being put to more use; there is a need to evaluate the purpose of utilizing Internet sources in order to provide relevant services. Such studies on Internet information usage pattern also facilitate library professionals to provide effective services by modifying old information provision process by using electronic tools. The findings indicated that 79.80 % of the post graduate students were aware about the availability of internet whereas only 73.75 % of under graduate students. The study revealed that most of the respondents 61.36% use internet for studying course work. 48.48% of respondents use internet for writing papers, 36.36% respondents use for updating subject knowledge, 32.95% of respondents use internet for entertainment and 14.39% of users using internet for research work. The paper highlighted the various problems, and issues involved in handling internet and gave suggestions to improve the library services to meet the demands of the users. Keywords: Distance Learners, Internet, e-resources, CD-ROM, e-journals, web sites, Barathiar University. INTRODUCTION The rapid advancement of information and communication technologies (ICTs) has brought a revolutionary change in the information scenario giving rise to a number of options to handle varied information sources conveniently and effortlessly as a result of which. The internet have become the most sought after modern library’s reserves conventionally sources in satisfying varied needs of students, teachers, and researchers with minimum risk and time. Information technology has changed the world and has become one of the important tools for retrieving information. The electronic information resources constitute a major portion of library collections. The value and use of information resources, particularly internet, have increased with the time. Therefore, there is necessity to make study on the different aspects of internet use among the students of academic institutions. The convergence of ICTs as embodied in the Internet has transformed the present day society into a knowledge society. Earlier, information and knowledge were passed by words of mouth or through manuscripts, and communication was a slow process. Today it is passed from one individual to an infinite number of other users through a number of media and formats which makes rapid and widespread dissemination of information possible. New technologies bring us an unparalleled flood of information. Along with word processing, the Internet is considered to be the most valuable of the many computer technologies available to the society today. ICT Use in Education India actively promotes the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in education in the formal education sector today, as it has in the non-formal sector for more than 40 years. From the use of radio to spearhead the green revolution, to satellite-based, oneway and interactive television for rural development in

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Thanuskodi 029
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