Internet Usage - Effect on Lifestyle

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Internet Usage – effect on lifestyle, communication and ethical issues. |June 13 2008 | |
|[This report examines the social effects that the internet is having on society, primarily regarding the|The Social Implications of the Internet.| |growing occurrence of internet addiction. Five university students were surveyed and the data was | | |recorded. The statistics show that 100% of the participants find the internet addictive to some extent, | | |with all students spending substantial amounts of time on the internet. Research methods are recorded | | |in detail. With the occurrence of cases of internet addiction skyrocketing, more research needs to be | | |done into the effects of excessive internet use. Society must become more aware of the potentially | | |serious consequences of internet usage.] | | | | | |This is a study for UniSA Communication: Computers and Society with Stuart Dinmore. Approx 2,750 | | |words. | |

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Social Implications of the internet3



How addictive is the internet?11

Cyber-relationship Addiction: Social Networking Sites and Chatrooms12


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The World Wide Web was officially created in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee, but the principles of the internet have been around since 1945 (Leiner, BM, Cerf, VG, Clark, DD, Kahn, RE, et al 1999). The internet is an issue at the forefront of debate among scholars and has been for some time. More recently, the internet is taking on a more central role in people’s lives. It is replacing more and more everyday social, business and family oriented activities. This is having a major effect on the social aspects of community life with potentially serious consequences. A substantial amount of evidence is emerging proving the internet to be a danger. Internet addiction is at the centre. Students are the most at risk. They have large amounts of free time to spend on the internet (Young, K Surfing not studying: dealing with internet addiction on campus). Thus increasing their risk of becoming addicted.

Social Implications of the internet

Is the internet having a negative effect on social aspects of life?

The internet is having a large impact on community life. Many people now shop online; do online banking, online learning, socializing online and even online dating. This is all reducing face-to-face contact within the community. People no longer bump into each other while on the way to the bank, or at the shops, the community are turning into strangers to each other. People are choosing to sit at home alone on the internet instead of going out. This is a massive change to traditional community life.

The internet is a massive step in communication. It has bridged the communication gap between continents, dramatically reducing the costs of keeping in touch. Online Communication methods include e-mail, audio and video conferencing and IP telephony just to name a few. Communication using the World Wide Web is quick, cheap and effective. All of these communication mediums are an enjoyable way to spend time, however, too much time spent on the net can result in an addiction.

The internet communication boom does have its...

Bibliography: 'Internet Paradox: A Social Technology That Reduces Social Involvement and Psychological Well-Being? ' 1998, American Psychologist, vol. 53, no. 9, pp. 1017 - 1031.
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