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Topics: Internet, Instant messaging, Social network service Pages: 3 (892 words) Published: March 23, 2014

Internet usage is a major controversy in today’s society. With technology expanding every second, it has affected people’s lives tremendously. Shopping online to communicating with people around the world is as easy as a click of a button. Although the Internet has made life more convenient, it also comes with major set backs that can affect lives in the future.

The number one reason people use the Internet everyday is for communication. How many times a day do you find yourself checking social medias? According to Social Networking Statistics, people “look-in” to social networks around four to five times a day. Social medias are a great way to get in touch with old college friends or family that live far away. The Internet makes it possible for people to communicate from one side of the world to the other. Before emails and instant messaging, getting a response from someone could have taken days. It’s an easy and effective way to connect with others in society. For many relationships, finding a life partner started with a dating website. Thousands of people participate with online dating when it comes to meeting new people. Another reason people turn to the Internet is for self-entertainment. From movies and television shows you missed the night before, to clips of YouTube footage about a “talking dog”. Its where people spend hours playing online video games and listening to their favorite music. The Internet is a great way to catch up on the latest movie stars and worldwide news. Along with entertainment on the Internet, comes a bigger economic development. Businesses advertise their companies on social networks, news pages, and many more popular websites. The Internet is how majority of people shop and order goods online to be shipped to their homes. During holidays and special events, online shopping is customers’ number one resource. The Internet makes it convenient for people to pay bills, book vacations, and even...
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