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ICT play a central role in society today from businesses that depend on computers and communication networks to run efficiently to the everyday individual who wants to keep in contact with friends and families from afar. The European Commission defines ICT or Information and Communication Technology as all technical means used to handle information and aid communication . It is similar to Information technology or IT as it is commonly referred to but focuses primarily on communication technologies. This includes the Internet, wireless networks, mobile phones, and other communication mediums. Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. Technological advances mean faster ways of communicating are being developed all the time.

The History of the Interne and the Role of Social Media

ICT really kicked off with the introduction of the internet which was developed from the idea of sending messages locally between two linked electronic computers in the 1950s. With the development of the World Wide Web in 1989 by Tim Bernard Lee and the digitalisation of telecommunications in 1995 , sound, images and data could travel the world at high speed. These major developments had a world-shattering impact on all aspects of communication. Electronic mail (e-mail), instant messaging, two way interactive video calls and the World Wide Web with its social networking sites, discussion forums, blogs and online shopping. The internet rapidly took over global communications. In 1993 only 1% of communications were done through ICT and only 14 years later 97% of all communication was done through the medium of ICT. In the past few decades, information and communication technologies have provided the world with a huge choice of new communication capabilities. By June 2012, there were almost 2.5 billion internet users worldwide according to Internet World Stats . Social media sites such as Face book and Twitter are examples of...

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