internet taken over library

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Books are being pushed aside for digital learning centers and gaming areas.Those days have gone when people visit libraries on a weekend basis and spend time there searching and reading books... The availability of free computers and internet access now rivals book lending publications.Especially teenagers who are exposed to internet for a larger amount find it easy to browse through the internet for the information.And the rising popularity of e books have shaped the reading habits of the people. Libraries are trying to adjust their services to these new realities. Internet has revolutionized the world of communication. Many different kinds of books are available on the internet. Library is a place where knowledge and information is stuffed in the soft papers of book ,that which gives us a peaceful and calm surrounding interesting us to explore the books.People have a emotional attachement to reading.Now everything has gone online that has been in the shelfs. What will happen to the libraries as the world hurtles ever-deeper into purely digital era? The future of the library in the digital age has scared the librarians as well as the people fond of them. In before times, books were valuable possessions that were way too expensive for most people to own. With the vast amount of information available in the world today, people have likened searching for answers over the internet rather than walking kilometres to a library and searching through the mass shelfs.A recent PEW Research Center study shows that 91% of teens choose internet over the facility of library. Although on one side libaraies have managed to defend these changes in ways of providing free wifi services,using it as a tool to attract their customers,their place in the society has come down.50% of libraries report they have insufficient employees and they struggle for finance help. Changes in technology and social networking continue at a dizzying pace,...
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