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We can not deny that we live in world where everything is possible, since the technology enter to this world. Technology makes our word much easier than ever. For example, the internet it self change the world into small village where we can get everything fast and easily. If you want to visit Japan no need to buy ticket and spend money, you can easily visit Japan while you are sitting at you home just by using the internet. What is more, internet provide a lot of facilities. One of that is E-commerce or what we call shopping through internet. So, lets take about what is E-commerce and what are the opportunity and threat of E-commerce.

First of all, what is E-commerce? Well, it is nothing but buy goods and services through the internet or on other meaning "the buying and selling of goods and services on the Internet(e-commerce (electronic commerce or EC), July 2000)". That is mean people can buy and sell whatever they want through the internet. This is what we call E-commerce. What is more E-commerce or what we call it internet shopping has its own opportunities and threats. To start with, internet shopping has number of opportunities. One of those opportunities is saving time and effort. But how internet shopping can save time and effort? For example you may want to have shopping outside your country or even inside your country this may cost you a lot of time and effort by traveling to that country or moving from shop to shop. lets have more specific example, Ahmed is an Omani person he wants to go to UAE for shopping so he need the whole day for shopping and moving from one shop to another shop may makes Ahmed tired. But if Ahmed used internet for shopping he will save time and effort by sitting in his home using the laptop for shopping and moving from shop to another shop by clicking the mouse without spending much time and effort. It is something amazing to have such a technology.

What is more , internet shopping can help you save money. But how that could be ? Well, lets back to Ahmed example, Ahmed who go for shopping to UAE or in Oman may cost him a lot of money .So whither Ahmed goes for shopping in or outside omen that will require him to move from place to another place and from one shop to another shop and this cost him a lot of money, the cost of petrol, the cost of meal and the cost of hotel (in case if he goes outside Oman for shopping). But by shopping through the internet he can avoid spending extra money and save that money. In addition, internet shopping may provide you a lot of option. For example when Ahmed wants shopping at X center for particular product, but he find limited option of that product. In that case he can go for internet shopping and he will find unlimited option of that product. So it is something amazing to have unlimited option of the product that you want. More ever, internet shopping my provide you with product that may not be available at your country home. Sometimes, when you go for shopping you may not find the product that you want. In that case internet shopping is the perfect solution of the defect. Just you can type the name of the product that you want at shopping website and you will get it. Finally, internet shopping is open 24 hours in day. while the normal shop open at particular time and close at particular time.

On the other hand, internet shopping has number of threats. One of those threat that you may be fraud and loss all your moneys of the web site are untreatable so you should be careful when you go for internet shopping. And always use the famous web site of internet shopping. I conduct a survey to know whither people in my area familiar with internet shopping or not and what are their opinion about internet shopping. The survey consist of five question and have been distributed to 10 person in my area. Here are the result of the survey. In question...
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