Internet Security

Topics: Internet, Security, National security Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: July 14, 2010
To: National Security Council
From: Cyber Security Student, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Campus Subject: Internet Security: Online privacy policies help criminals, but raise questions about increasing surveillance and decreasing privacy to general public. Internet privacy may be a thing in the past due to necessary government control. 1. Executive Summary: The NSC has tasked us to assess the potential risks associated with the United States government expanding their abilities of monitoring Internet traffic to protect all U.S. citizens, and Cyberspace as it has been deemed a vital infrastructure to the U.S. economy. Based on the all reviewed information we believe it is necessary to raise security measures in order to protect all citizens. Every business in the world is connected to the internet in some way, which makes for an interesting threat. Major shopping sites including EBay, Amazon, Best Buy and many others allow purchases that require the consumers to input their address, name and credit card information. Hackers have been successful in retrieving this information many times, some in which were never reported to consumers. It is impossible to test these types of website because companies consider their security policies as confidential.1Also web pages actually collect personal information including ISP addresses which already takes away the anonymity of online surfing. Which brings us to the current dilemma should the government increase surveillance and take away the general public’s privacy online. We believe that most citizens will be unhappy with the new requirements but will understand that it is necessary to ensure their information and the government’s information will remain safe. (xxxxxx).The government has already started to make these types of changes with their federal networks with the invention of EINSTEIN 1 and 2 which are intrusion detectors.2 These programs used We believe that an increase in surveillance is necessary...
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