Internet Restrictions

Topics: World Wide Web, Website, Internet Pages: 3 (1016 words) Published: March 5, 2002
I believe that World Wide Web restrictions should not be allowed. I believe that they are not helpful to the people that use the World Wide Web. I feel that the restrictions on the World Wide Web at school are too strict. At school most sites you try to view are prohibited and they are totally harmless sites. I feel that at school the only restrictions that should be put on the World Wide Web are restrictions to pornographic sites. Even these sites should not be blocked because some harmless sites have web addresses that would seem like a pornographic site but end up being a totally harmless site. With the block at school some of these harmless sites are blocked and therefor limiting the web user who made need information from sites like these. Most students know better than to visit pornographic sites at school. So this block that forbids students to visit most sites just hurts the students learning ability in some cases. There should not be a block on the World Wide Web at school and if a student does visit a pornographic site then they should be prosecuted or disciplined.

I have used the World Wide Web ever since I was about 10 years old or so. I have found that restrictions on the World Wide Web just make researching a lot more frustrating. I hate it when I am searching for a site that would be very useful but is restricted because it falls into the blocked sites of the ones that are blocked because they are pornographic. I love researching on the World Wide Web because it is so much easier than using an encyclopedia. Most of the time the World Wide Web has a lot more to offer than an encyclopedia. You can not watch a movie of an experiment in an encyclopedia like you can on the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web is big with many sites so it is hard to restrict sites and usually is done inefficiently therefor it is blocking harmless sites.

People that visit pornographic sites in college as an art may find a restriction on the World Wide Web...
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