Internet Research for Electronic Medical Records

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Course Project MA132
Internet Research
Leah Lucas
March 23, 2013

Course Project MA132

Joint Commission
For this Project I chose to write about the Primary Care Medical Home Certification. This organization focuses on care coordination, access to care, and how effectively a primary care clinician and interdisciplinary team work in partnership with the patient (Joint Commission 2012). This program also focuses on education and self-management so that they patient can feel more connected to the clinician and the interdisciplinary team. Their health information is tracked and coordinated through health information technology so that they can have easier access to their information. There are five different core functions and attributes that make up the PCMH certification. First is the Patient-centered care, this is a relationship-based care that focuses on the whole person and understanding and respecting each patient as an individual. This means that each patient’s needs, culture, values and preferences are honored and respected. Second, the Comprehensive Care, This is a team of providers that work to meet each patients’ physical and mental health care needs. This includes prevention and wellness, acute care and chronic care. Third is Coordinated Care, this focuses on a broader health care system, including specialty care, hospitals, home care a community services and support. This is especially critical during the transition from hospital to home (when a patient is discharged from the hospital). Fourthly, Superb access to care, this is the part that allows the patient to have access to shorter waiting times when in urgent need. The best way to explain it is when you walk into the emergency room and your bleeding, you are going to be put above someone who is in for a cough or a fever. This is because you are at a higher risk of more serious issues due to blood loss. Lastly, Systems-based approach to quality and safety, this is the part of the program that insures that the patients are going to receive the best care possible with the utmost respect for their views and beliefs on how they should be treated. I believe that this type of program has room for growth but overall is headed in the right direction.

Course Project MA132

Patient Records
In the second week of our class we covered Personal Health Records and how to obtain them for you. From the two sources I used I found some very helpful tips on how to do this easily and legally. The first website that I went to was this website had many helpful tips on learning about your PHR and how to obtain it yourself. When trying to put together your own PHR there are a few things you need to do and should remember. First, you will need to contact your personal physician or any physician that you have visited in the past. This is when you will ask them for a copy of your file and if they have switched to digital they can send it to you electronically. Secondly, you will need to obtain an “authorization for the release of information: form. This process can take up to 60 days so be sure to ask how long it will take and then make sure to follow up. The office could get busy or they may have a long list of charts that need to be released, and of course there are procedures that they have to follow before they can release the files. Thirdly, most offices have transferred to digital files but if not you can scan the documents that are sent to you and organize them electronically. If you prefer to keep a hardcopy to carry with you to appointments then you can do that as well. This would be more helpful for patients who are going to regular doctor’s appointments vs. patients who only go in for routine check-ups. Lastly, remember that this information contains personal information about you and your history. This is why it is of the utmost importance to keep it in a safe place, but also somewhere that you can make changes to it easily.

The second source that...

References: American Filing Solutions. 2013. “HIPAA Color Coded File Folders”. Http
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