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Internet Provides People with a Lot of Valuable Information. Others Think Not. Do You Agree?

By sbree Oct 23, 2008 388 Words
Nowadays the access to the Internet is the most important source of information. I do agree with those who say that Internet provides people with a lot of valuable information. First of all, the Internet is a big library, where you can find whatever information you like. Secondly the Internet helps you to communicate, which means to trade with the newest information with your friends and society. Thirdly the Internet gives you opportunity to purchase whatever you want without even going to the shop.

Imagine you can find a book without even going out to the library. You don’t have to spend time and money to go outside and find a book you want. You just go to Internet library and find any book you want in 2 minutes instead of spending 2 hours in search of the book you want in the library. Also, internet helps you with your work on abstracts. In days of my mother’s youth she spent the whole day in the library to find the information she needs for her abstract. But presently I spend maximum 2 hours to get the needed information.

We all have distant relatives, whom we haven’t seen for a long time. Internet gives us a chance to communicate with them by using newest technologies. You can use voice-talk and live web-camera to hear them and to see them. I think this is very valuable advantage of the Internet. If you cannot actually afford a ticket to visit your distant relatives every week, you can see them and to share the information every single day by accessing the Internet.

Nowadays, you don’t have to go to the shop to buy stuff like cameras, mobile phones, computers, refrigerators, etc. You can use the online shops to find the information about the price and item you want to buy. Then you can use your own credit card to buy the item you want. Then in a few days after the purchasing the item will be delivered to your home. I know many people that purchase everything by using online shops.

From my point of view, the Internet is a most valuable source of information. As for me, I’m using the Internet for my own goods, which help me to success in my studying.

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