Internet Protocol and Header Length Field

Topics: Internet Protocol, Internet Protocol Suite, Data Link Layer Pages: 2 (308 words) Published: June 26, 2013
Instruction: Please PRINT the tutorial questions and submit all the HANDWRITTEN tutorial solutions at the beginning for all the tutorial classes.

1. What is the difference between the delivery of a frame in the data link layer and the delivery of a packet in the network layer?

2. What is the difference between connectionless and connection-oriented services? Which type of service is provided by IPv4? Which type of service is provided by IPv6?

3. Define fragmentation and explain why the IPv4 and IPv6 protocols need to fragment some packets. Is there any difference between the two protocols in this matter?

4. Explain the need for options in IPv4 and list the options mentioned in this chapter with a brief description of each. Which fields of the IPv4 header change from router to router?

5. Calculate the HLEN (in IPv4) value if the total length is 1200 bytes, 1176 of which is data from the upper layer.

6. The value of the total length field in an IPv4 datagram is 36, and the value of the header length field is 5. How many bytes of data is the packet carrying?

7. An IPv4 datagram is carrying 1024 bytes of data. If there is no option information, what is the value of the header length field? What is the value of the total length field?

8. An IPv4 datagram has arrived with the following information in the header (in hexadecimal):

a. Is the packet corrupted?
b. Are there any options?
c. Is the packet fragmented?
d. What is the size of the data?
e. How many more routers can the packet travel to? f. What is the identification number of the packet? g. What is the type of service?

Ox45 00 00 54 00 03 58 50 20 06 00 00 7C 4E 03 02 B4 OE OF 02
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