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Chapter 8
1. What makes marketing on the Internet different from other forms of direct marketing media? The Internet is an interactive marketing medium for direct marketers offering information access and two-way communication with customers in real time via the computer. Interactivity is what makes marketing on the Internet different from other forms of direct marketing media. 2. What are some advantages of interactive media?

i) Wide reach-The internet reaches a worldwide audience of millions of consumers and enables small companies and entrepreneurs to be transformed into global entities instantaneously. ii) Convenience-The Internet is almost like a global trade show that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and any time of the day or night. iii) Low cost- Direct marketers pay for the Internet based on local phone access, not on how widely they distribute their message. iv) Flexibility- he Internet offers great flexibility and permits changes in offers and direct response communications instantly, instead of waiting until the next printed catalog is published to change prices or other features. 3. Explain the evolution of e-business.

Stage 1:Brochureware- In this stage, organizations began to use the Internet as a bulletin board for brochures, employee telephone directories, and over time for more critical documents such as catalogs and price lists. Stage 2:Customer Interactivity-This next phase is when companies created an interactive dialogue with their customers, encouraging them to inquire, request, register, and online. Stage 3:Transaction Enabler- In this stage, companies began using the Internet to expand transaction. ( selling products, procuring supplies , enabling internal processes) Stage 4:One-to-one Relationships- This is when the Internet began to be used to create customized silors of interactivity. Because web technology allows companies to deal with customers...
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