Internet: Its Harms

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Today, the internet is regarded as the largest information base and it become an integral part of our lives. Not only can we access a vast amount of data on the internet but we can also use the internet as a channel of communication. However, there is a price to pay for this easy access to such vast amounts of information.

I. How come that the internet has a negative impact to the netizens?

II. What effects it may do to the society? To our children? And to ourselves?

III. How can you fight against its negative impacts?

IV. What institutions are concerned of it? Are they helpful to our community?

V. As an individual, how can you promote the internet as a safe ground for the netizens



The internet made the life of people too easy. They strengthened the strands of communication by its ability to send different thoughts of people in seconds. They are also used as a medium for research needs for students or people who need to know some information. And these made them too lazy in a way that they didn’t move a muscle just to do a simple task by the use of the computer, through the internet. (Dr. Ruhi Khalid) There are a number of psychological implications, with the growing use of internet by children. Some of which include the following:

1. Limited Knowledge: With the growing use of internet for research purposes, there is now a decline in the number of books used for research. Also the information available on the internet is limited and mostly pertains to the developed nations; a result, the knowledge obtained is limited. Since information about developing nations such as Pakistan is scarce. 2. Isolation: Due to spending countless hours on the internet, children now spend a very limited time with family and actual friends. Therefore, there is a weakening of the family bond and also limited interaction with actual people. As a result, the children may miss out on real life interaction with different relatives’ results in distorted social skills & limited real life social network. 3. Feeling of Deprivation: Since most of the information available online is about the developed nations, the people in developing countries, feel that the developed nations are much better off and they have a feeling of deprivation. 4. Distorted Sense of Reality: Since the online games are completely cut off from reality, the children tend to confuse the “real world” from their “game world”. This results in a distorted sense of reality, which can result in Identity Confusion. Furthermore, online, a person’s identity is concealed and therefore people act like themselves and have no inhibitions saying how they feel. As a result, racist, sexist people have made hate sites. And this is a growing problem. 5. Negative Impact of Uncensored Material: In today’s day and age it is harder to keep a check on the websites, a child is visiting and therefore, a lot of children are now being exposed to obscene, sexual material online such as pornography. Also since the identity of an individual is concealed online, there are a number of sexual predators online, who take advantage of children. 6. Exposure to Violence: With the growing use of the internet by children, there is an increase in online games. These games are very violent and expose children to explicit content and violent situations thus desensitizing the children and making them more prone to inflicting self harm, as well as harm on others. (“Way’s to defend your child to Internet Violence” by Cordy Jenkins) As we all know the Internet has had a great impact on our society, and in a way has made our lives easier. We are able to email, instant message, access a library, blog, buy airline tickets, and much more without having to leave our chairs. However many people overlook the harm and dangers that they are being exposed to when using the Internet. Many people probably will not realize...

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