Internet Impact on Thinking

Topics: Internet, Brain, Human brain Pages: 3 (1013 words) Published: April 26, 2012
Impact of the Internet on Thinking
The digital revolution has brought about a plethora of information accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime, as long as they are hooked up to the internet. Considering the pervasiveness of the Internet in our lives, it is certainly having an effect on our brains. After all, everything we do, is related to our brain and affects it in some way, either positive or negative. In the article “Impact of Internet on Thinking” Alan Greenblatt touches various aspects of how the growing dominance of internet is affecting our thinking, our attention span, and how it is leading us to a world of temptation. He introduces the work of Nicholas Carr, the author of “Is Google Making Us Stupid” to support the ideas that Internet is having bad effect on our brains. Jonah Lehrer’s ideas are also introduced in the article, who thinks that Internet is keeping our brains active and also doing a great deal to improve our efficiency. This is true, but even then, we cannot deny the fact that the impact of information overload is having damaging effects on our lives. Internet is having profound effect on our intelligence and our attention span; and the temptations of new technologies are leading us to a world of addiction. Internet is making our intelligence level go down. Before the wide spread use of Internet, it was brain’s work to store information, and to memorize the things, but now everything is stored digitally. Machines have taken up a greater share of the tasks, once done by human brain. Everything can be looked up instantly, so nothing needs to be remembered. Internet helps gather up information quickly and easily. This rapid transmission and accumulation of knowledge and flood of information leaves people with no time to think. Internet makes it hard to memorize information because of the continuous influx of the competing messages, which interferes with the physical mechanism of the brain. The information can then only get to...
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