Internet: Helpful or Harmful?

Topics: Pornography, Internet, Internet pornography Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: July 23, 2013
Internet is quite helpful
The safety of the Internet is one of the most controversial debates at the moment. Although the Internet is disturbing, its advantages are quite awesome, like communication, access to information, comfortable life and entertainment. One of the biggest advantages of the Internet is ‘communication’. With new services pouring in, communication is going to be even faster, cheaper and more efficient with every passing day. Nowadays, with the use of the Internet, people can communicate with others, from any part of the globe, within a blink of an eye, which seemed to be an impossible dream not too long ago. One more major benefit of the internet is information. Internet is an endless storehouse of information. Any kind of information or any event in the life is available on the Internet. Some of the prominent search engines such as, Google, Yahoo, etc. are making this information easily accessible to its users. The information available on the Internet is so vast that even in academics the use of the internet has now become inevitable. The Internet has also made lives comfortable and the whole world now. In the age of the Internet, one does not have to wait for hours in the queues to pay bills, taxes or withdraw money and buy tickets or books, etc. With the help of online services, all of these things can be quite conveniently done from home. Gradually, the Internet has also developed into a popular medium of entertainment. With a vast multitude, the Internet provides a gateway to videos, movies and games. But Internet owns a great threat to one’s personal data. As people use online banking and other transaction services, there lies a great risk of the account details, credit card numbers,etc. being stolen, through dangerous connections. Spy ware, hacking software are available for many credit card frauds which have become a common problem nowadays. Fortunately, you can protect our personal information and greatly reduce...
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