Internet Growth

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What explains the rapid growth of the internet? Why will it continue to grow at the same pace? Currently Australia is has a growing population. There is one birth every 1.7 minutes, one death every 3.6 minutes, a gain of one migrant every 2.2 minutes , leading to an overall total population increase of one person every 1 minute and 18 seconds deducting the amount of deaths occurring. The media are systems or technology that assist and promote human communication (O’Shaughnessy & Stadler,2008). The media uses industrialized technology to produce messages that are to be relayed between people. Most media forms are designed to reach large audiences, when this is the case they are termed ‘mass media’. There are five main factors that determine whether the media is used and adopted in certain situations (O’Shaughnessy & Stadler,2008). The first is Technological developments. Developments of new forms of media have effects on other forms of media. For example, the inception of the social media sites of Facebook and twitter saw the use of a similar social media medium Myspace lose many users. The second is economics, in terms of the need to make money or profits. This need will always be present in society and supplying forms of media for communication can be economically rewarding. As new forms of media come into markets, old media forms will be exceedingly non profitable. Recently, because the internet is so easy to access, cheap and of vast content, old media forms such as newspapers and television have less value associated with their production. Third is human creativity, how people work to create new forms of media as a means of communication. This relates to both the invention of new media forms but also to the improvement of both old and new media forms. Fourth is social controls, implemented by people in power especially governments who try to control what is shown in the media. The last factor is audiences who choose what media to adopt and use therefore...
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