Internet Generation

Topics: 21st century, Pornography, Website Pages: 2 (673 words) Published: May 20, 2013
We are the Internet generation.

The 21st century. We live in the age of information and technology, a great milestone which humankind has reached within a remarkably short period. Just only a few decades ago the average persons had very limited access to information because due to lack of technology. Everything transformed since the introduction of the Internet, which is a relatively novel phenomenon in the history of mankind. We are the generation that was born during the nineties. One could also say we are the Internet generation; it was a time when legions of young children opened a new window to explore the world. This had a radical impact on the way see this world, the way we communicate with each other and it is no exaggeration that it even changed the way we think. It simply made us more innovative. It was a momentous event when I first browsed the Internet, I felt that I can explore everything that I wished to know with a single click of a button. The Internet allowed the individual unprecedented freedom to search for anything it wanted to know, this was a noteworthy accomplishment. Along with good stuff there is always a negative outcome. Within the last two decades, every year an array of countries were rapidly connected to the Internet. It quickly became a major demographic phenomenon as more and more people became accessible to the Internet. It gave birth to a new kind of problem, a cyber one. All sorts of viruses were spread in the cyber world by computer frats and geeks whom called themselves hackers. Also, many people launched porn sites and blind date sites where strangers met online and hook-up. Since the creation of the Internet, our generation has been living in a rapidly changing world. We have been accessible into a sea of information, we can communicate with family and friend anywhere in the world. It gave us endless opportunity to understand and see the world we live in and it brought us people closer than ever before.

21st century....
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