Internet friends real or fake

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What constitutes a real friendship? In this day and age many people have lots of “friends” with social media especially Facebook users. Can a friendship through social media replace a friend that you can touch and feel? People use social media websites to keep in touch or reconnect to past acquaintances and follow each other’s lives.

People use social media sites such as facebook, myspace or instgram to keep in touch and follow each other’s lives. Before these sites or the internet people kept in touch with friends by visiting, calling and writing letters all of which require a real effort to nurture a friendship. During those times if you weren’t close friends with someone they would eventually not be part of you’re so called friends after sometime. Now you can keep in up with people who would have fallen out of your life before. Now with the click of a button or two you will be ”friends” with anyone anywhere in the world. These friends can offer support in hard times and celebrate with someone when times are good.

In “Friends with Benefits” by Kate Dailey she speaks of friends and how they can support you through social media. One thing that is addressed is “Researchers have yet to significantly study the social implications of Facebook” (Dailey 219). The information provided goes over friends on Facebook and how they be of some support when someone suffers a loss or has something good happen. They might offer support or words of encouragement with a loss which can be helpful. If someone was to lose a job, spouse, child or some other tragic incident then a person could offer words of encouragement or support. The question is can these online friends help and offer the same support as a friend there in person. Having someone who can offer sincere condolences versus someone who sends a frowning face on a social media website. People usually like to interact with real people during hard times and those friends are people involved in each other’s lives....

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