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Topics: MySpace, Facebook, E-mail Pages: 2 (748 words) Published: April 2, 2007
The youth of America that once went out to play baseball with there friends, go to a matinee, or even simply go on a walk together do so no longer. Now millions of America's youth spend hours every week on the Internet making friends and talking to each other online. The two leading networking websites to date would be Myspace and Facebook. Which of the two is better? No one is quite certain because students choose to us both. However, most indeed do prefer one to the other. Both Facebook and Myspace are very big. Myspace tends to be much larger because the website is open to anyone, and you can have multiple identities. Bands, celebrities, and characters from the movie industry use myspace to promote themselves. It just feels that good to be one of Johnny Depp's friends. Facebook on the other hand takes the reciprocal to the universal approach of myspace. Facebook is very selective and you have to belong to a network in order to join. To join a college network you must have a college e-mail address. This is the way its been with Facebook for a number of years, though Facebook this year has become a bit more progressive by adding geographical communities that you can join by simply living in an area of the country. You still can only join by being a real person, and you must use a realistic name.

The biggest division between the two websites is the layout. Both pages allow member to have there own profile where people can view your friends, see a picture of you, and read what your interests are, the schools you've attended, and see what your favorite movies, books, television shows, and Music group you like. All of the profiles on Facebook are quite bland, with white backgrounds with what I like to call corporate blue text. This puts everyone on the same field and allows for no individuality, but is nonetheless suited do to Facebook being for student who do not really need to be distracted by petty thing as a Facebook profile. Myspace on the other hand is all...
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