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Topics: Cumulative distribution function, Spreadsheet, Random variable Pages: 3 (696 words) Published: December 6, 2012
JET Copies Case
Otica Montgomery
Professor Hollandsworth
Quantitative Methods- MAT 540
November 7, 2012

JET Copies is a copying company started by college students. This group of friends came up with the idea to provide copying services to area students. After purchasing the copy machine, the students focused on a plan of action in case the machine broke down. They decided that a back up copier would be needed to , find out the amount of money they would lose with no back up plans, days to repair, and intervals of machine breakdown so they developed a simulation model. Number of Days to Repair

The students wanted to find out how many days it would take to repair the machine if broken. After doing their research, they generated a simulation model table showing repair times of days to fix copy machine. Cum P(x)| P(x)| Demand|

0| 0.2| 1|
0.2| 0.45| 2|
0.65| .25| 3|
.9| 0.1| 4|

The table displays the probability distribution that will be use to find cumulative probabilities. The table above is inserted into Excel. Each numbers corresponds to the probability of demanded value. The cumulative probability numbers are entered into a table, with the demand, and range of values. Next, the Random function is use in excel. Random numbers between 0 and 1 will be generated in Excel using =Rand formulas. Based on the information in the table, if the generated random number is greater than 0 but less than 2 then the repair time will be 1 day. Any random numbers greater than .20 but less than .65 the repair time will be 2 days. Any random number greater than .65 but less than .90 repair time will be 3 days. Any number greater than .90 will take 4 day repair the machine. Interval between breakdowns

The students also needed to find out the frequency of time between breakdowns. One of the students estimated the time between breakdowns will be between 0 and 6 weeks (Taylor, 2010). To find the values in Excel, use the formula for the...
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