Internet Exchange Point And Internet Routing

Topics: Internet exchange point, Routing, Peering Pages: 3 (2557 words) Published: May 26, 2014
2011 19th IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols

Internet Exchange Points and Internet Routing
Mohammad Zubair Ahmad and Ratan Guha
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science,
University of Central Florida,
Orlando, Florida
Email: {zubair,guha}

The Internet is a network of Autonomous Systems (ASes)
comprising of a complex and complicated ecosystem of networks used for a wide variety of applications. ASes exhibit varied functionality and communicate according to predefined rules to maintain distinct business objectives; termed intraAS relations. These relations are one of two types: customerprovider (hierarchical) or peering (flat). Recent studies of intra-AS relations indicate the gradual transition of the Internet ecosystem from the hierarchical structure to a flatter peering architecture [1]. This infrastructure level flattening is characterized by the constant growth, rewiring and deaths of inter-AS links. Primary driving forces behind these changes

are economic; especially the meteoric rise in popularity of
organizations such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft, who have lately deployed large, private WAN infrastructures
[1]. The transition from the hierarchical Internet has also
accelerated with the deployment of multiple Internet eXchange Points (IXPs) worldwide, the facilitator of peering. Numerous peering links (between ASes) at these IXPs have recently been uncovered but their effects on Internet topology and interdomain routing performance not yet examined. Exchange points (shown in fig 1) provide an infrastructure

for ASes to set up mutually agreeable peering agreements
at a common location and enable the quick exchange of
traffic without requiring higher tier transit providers. They also facilitate dynamic changing of peering agreements between Internet Service Providers (ISPs) providing transit to customer ASes. These customer ASes obtain better network

performance (lesser...

Links: is evident for medium to high degree nodes (10 to 1000)
in the figure
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