Internet Distractions

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Is there a problem in the world of Web 2.0? Web 2.0 has brought many changes to our lives not only mentally, but socially and psychologically. It has affected the way we think, eat, and rationalize our ideas in our lives as we move from day to day. I have researched web 2.0 and it’s effect from daily usage and the results are not the ones we should really aim for. Its negatives out weight the positives in the many different forms of life. This has affected us in the way we think, our health and certainly distracted us from the many traditional ways of life. I have analyzed 4 studies that prove to us that web 2.0 , MMORPG (Massive Multi player Online Role-Playing Game), Facebook and social media, and how the people who are closest to us the most can use web 2.0 to harm us. As a result I have learned that this plays a negative role in your educational life because in one of my studies it is proven that Facebook users in college tend to do worse than non Facebook users. In the field of gaming it distracts a person from a traditional lifestyle and disconnects them from the people who they really care about. This is not only a addiction but its consequences are severe when it comes to how it affects their health and educational life. The Internet has also became a place where predators prey on innocent people. These predators are the people who you least suspect. The larger implication here is that there are more of a distraction in the world of web 2.0 and our demand to use it excessively will only lead to our downfall. This work increase our understanding of the negative effects of the Internet from the different aspects. These are Social Media and Facebook , Gaming , and health and safety.

Zaid Abdullah

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English 101.

Internet Distractions,Health & Safety

Do we really know what happens to us when we constantly use the Internet and web during the day? Whether its from your phone , laptop or home computer social media and web 2.0 has distracted us from living a traditional life style and is effecting our health in a bad way. Web 2.0 can cause many harmful distractions in life. There are many long termeffects that we should explore when using web 2.0 relating to daily life and its long term effects on our bodies. web 2.0 has also eliminated the physical cost of communications in our daily life. This plays a negative role in our lives. Before we get to it’s effect on us we must understand what is web 2.0 and how has it changed the way we live throughout our daily lives. Web 2.0 is a complex connection of computer networks and organizational computer faculties around the world. Web 2.0 as we know it has created some positive changes in our lives but has also brought more harmful things to us. The negative effects of the Internet outweigh the positive effects. The negative effects of the Internet include distractions from reality and it can also be bad for your health. I have looked up experts who agree with me on this statement through valid research and studies on several topics. Many people think the Internet, web 2.0 and Facebook is very beneficial to our life and in the work field and connects us more socially. The Internet however has distractions that play a role that not only effects us but the people are around us more negatively.

Web 2.0 has given use social media in which it has allowed to us to disconnect from physical communication. Web 2.0 has giving us online shopping in which we don’t physically leave the house. Web 2.0 has given us multi media gaming online in which it has allowed us not to play a more physical activity with family and friends. We really need to start asking ourselves” are we spending enough time with our family and friends because of web 2.0? Has web 2.0 drawn us away from daily activities in our daily life? With web 2.0 we are streaming through videos and reading someone’s statues on Facebook to...

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