Internet Could Be Harmful or Helpful

Topics: Internet, Pornography, History of the Internet Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Throughout the world that full with modern technology, the internet is the main channel we can used to get many types of information in easily and quickly way. Other than that, internet also can connect us with the people that live far away from us without estimating the distance or the place. Beside that we also can settle down our assignment by using the internet, know people and many more beneficial things. But one thing we should aware, internet also can give us the harmful more than helpful.

In spite of the sophistication of the Internet, it is tucked with the poisonous poison. The internet can influences the way of teenagers thinking. As we all know, the internet is the place where teenagers can surf without controlled by anyone because the internet is the world without borderless. The web that contains pornographic materials always attract the teenager navigate those website. The effects of this situation can increasing the rate of crime such as rape, fornication and others. So it is clear that internet is more harmful than helpful

Next, the internet also can waste the time especially for a student. This is because the student will used their time to surf the internet with the unbeneficial matter, chatting, gossiping and others. They do not use their leisure time to study or do the beneficial activities. This will affect their academic achievement. This is because the use of internet without controlled can make them lazy to study and active in the co-curriculum and sports. They more likely to sat in front of the computer to spend their valuable time.

Beside that, the internet also can spread the news that we did not know the truth of it. This can cause the defamation between those people that involved. Sometimes through the internet they will spread the false news that can create chaos and sometimes can kill each other. For example is the news about tsunami. The people cannot compare is it the alert is true or false. So they will ignore it....
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