Internet Censorship is a Violation of Human Rights

Topics: Human rights, Internet censorship, Freedom of the press Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: November 4, 2013
Internet Censorship is a Violation of Human Rights
Internet censorship is a deliberate control, suppression or regulation of the contents of the internet. Internet censorship is practiced by private organizations or government agencies for various reasons such as the need to conform to societal norms, conformity to government regulations and for commercial, moral, and religious reasons.

The protection, promotion, and enjoyment of the internet come in the wake of the acknowledgment that the internet offers an array of divergent and convergent information at one place. It is possible that information touching on economic, political, religious as well as cultural tenets can easily be found through the internet. Finding such information without restrictions is beneficial not only for students but also for policy makers during research and policy formulation.

Countries such as China, Turkey, and North Korea, cite political as well as economic motivations for censoring social media such as twitter and facebook, which, on the other hand are important in improving international interactions. Censoring social media is a violation of human rights under freedom of opinion and expression that, bestows inherent freedom to hold opinions without being interfered. Citizens also have a right to seek, receive, and disseminate information regardless of geographical distances through any media including twitter, facebook and YouTube.

Internet censorship is no panacea for economic or commercial benefits. With internet freedom, consumers are able to purchase goods and services online, which is a convenient way of accessing international as well as local markets. Through the internet, manufacturers are able to communicate with consumers, hence personalizing and expanding their market niche. As such, censoring social media violates an individual`s right to trade and earn a living which is a fundamental human need.

In the digital era, the internet has changed the...
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