Internet Censorship

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Internet censorship

(Is it possible to keep children safe from potential internet dangers?) by: Eko Setiyo Utomo

The Internet has become a part of modern life style for most people. In developed countries, most people use the internet at home. Children can access the internet for everything, from playing games, to doing schoolwork, to chatting with friends via e-mail, to surfing the web. Most online services provide children with a vast range of resources such as encyclopedias, current events coverage, and access to libraries and other valuable material. However, there can be real risks and dangers for an unsupervised child because most materials on the Internet are not only uncensored but also unedited. Adults can be expected to make their own evaluations of what they find. Children, who lack experience and knowledge, can not do this. Strohm (n.d.) claims that the essential issue in the internet is internet pornography, which is a topic debated by many experts, but many other issues dangerous to children are of concern too. Children who have access to the internet can easily be lured into something dangerous. As stated by Manista (2002), “censorship on the internet has become an issue for a number of very specific reasons”. Parents should not assume that their children are safe online from internet dangers; and they should not just rely on soft ware to protect their children. According to Schwartz (2004), using filters to block access to undesirable materials may never prove to be the solution. In addition, governments should have the power to decide what is not acceptable for the minds of children. In contrast, it is argued by some people that supervising access to the internet could limit the creativity of children. in addition, according to Males (2000), statistical evidence does not support to filter the internet. He describes that several kinds of sex offences has declined since period internet (1990s) access in America.

This essay will investigate the unsuitable nature of much of the material on the internet for children. It will also examine the devastating and lasting effect of pornographic images on children. Thus, parents must play a key role to keep children safe from potential internet dangers. Finally, it will suggest that parents should teach children how to choose suitable materials on the internet. The first section of this essay will explain why internet pornography and some of the various resources unsuitable for children can have a harmful effect on children. The next section will maintain that soft ware is essential to protect children from site danger. Finally, this essay will argue that parents themselves should be aware of the dangers on the internet.

It is important to recognize that pornographic images on the internet can have a devastating and lasting effect on children. Children using the internet unsupervised can view free pornography pictures through accidental accessing. Strohm (n.d.) has claimed that it is a commonly held belief that pornography on the Internet presents a serious danger to children online, and that the effects of pornography are progressive and addictive for many people. He further points out that most pornography sites are very easy to find. These sites always invite children and teens to take part in exposure. Children using internet chat rooms are the main target of sexual predators, often with traumatic results (Nuss 1999). Pornography isn't the only thing parents don't want their children to see on the Internet. Parents are also concerned about anarchist, Neo-Nazi, and all sorts of other propaganda, as well as information on computer hacking and building explosives. There are hundreds of thousands of web sites promoting illicit activities. However, many individuals and organized groups at the same time are attempting to protect children from information on homosexuality, violence, drugs and alcohol, hate speech, and the environment. In addition, according...

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