Internet Based Home Control System

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Chapter I


We viewed development as a process of change and a continuous learning.. Technological and institutional change or capabilities are at the heart of this process. Technology is much more than an ingredient in development strategies; it is a conditioning element of their viability. As technology rapidly changes, it sets the condition that generates development opportunities. Development becomes one of the learning that benefit from such changing opportunities. While learning is within a single technological revolution, a new technological revolution would constitute major discontinuities and shifts in the direction of change, providing new opportunities for learning and catching up.

Technology is at the heart of the innovative process, and it has become a tool for amplifying brainpower. It further brings about changes within and among institutions and accelerates the rate of innovation. Steve Ballmer[1], CEO of Microsoft’s Corporation stressed that the number one benefit of technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do, letting people be creative and productive

Thus, through new technology, a little creativity, and a lot of thinking, we have begun to produce home appliances control system that makes anything possible for the people especially elderly and handicapped to live by themselves and meet their potentials.

The recent drive in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry toward new wireless communication devices and systems and their utilization in addressing a wide variety of real-world problems have resulted in several new areas of active research and wireless home automation being one such hot topic.

Home appliances control system designates an emerging practice of increased automation of household appliances and fixtures in residential dwellings, particularly through electronic means. This allows impracticable, overly expensive or simply not possible

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