Internet and Television: Enhancing the Future

Topics: Nonviolent video game, Video game controversy, Media technology Pages: 5 (1678 words) Published: March 26, 2014
Internet and television are extremely important sources of information and communication in today`s world. We rely on the Internet to help succeed in our jobs and classes, it also allows for more interaction with fellow individuals that live beyond our face-to-face communication center, and helps create new connections. Television keeps us informed of the news and it is a way to interact with your family and friends. The digital era is growing fast and improving a lot in the 21st century, and the impact is increasingly worldwide. As this has been occurring, a lot of questions have been raised about how internet and television influences people’s daily lives, both bad and good. How much access to these technologies should children have, and at what age? How has family life been affected by television and the internet? Do these technologies help us build community and connection, or do they divide us and make us less socially connected with one another? This is a topic with a lot of controversies, but on balance, these technologies benefit peoples' daily lives. Electronic media has been affecting Americans for generations, their way of thinking and interaction. As television and the Internet have become ever more a part of American life, they have served to improve many aspects of living, and this trend will continue into the future.

It is a fact that Internet has easy access, and it is available to almost everyone. Every year children start using smartphones and computers at a younger age; they also play games and interact with people all around the world in a variety of different ways getting in touch with new peers. We know that this new generation is evolving and this will become our future. After some years the internet became more interactive, now people do not just open their computers to see what is going on in the world or to check their e-mails, they are more engaged in creating information, knowledge and entertainment - research shows that 64 percent of U.S. online teens have created at least one kind of content on the internet, and that number goes to almost one third when we talk about adults (Born Digital, 112). Since Internet asks for interaction people have to interact with new personalities and several ways of thinking, and that is for sure an influence on how we should educate our kids in this digital era. For a certain amount of the population it is common sense knowledge that “internet is dangerous and kids only waste time playing games and using social pages like Facebook and Twitter”, but parents are wrong to worry considering this absolutely true. Now kids and teenagers (mainly) are interested in how their online lives reflect on their real lives. They try to hide as much information from unknowns as they can and at the same time release only interesting things showing their friends and followers how interesting they are. We are living a “do it yourself online culture”, where the young population is taking benefit of: when teens see themselves on a community with peers and people they really care about, they try their best to show those around why they should be accepted in that community. And that it is an awesome way to develop intelligence and raise creators, and at the same time gives them autonomy. That is the role that internet plays in young people lives today, parents should start considering introducing the media world to their children as soon as possible so the kids can start developing knowledge earlier, interaction skills and to aggregate culture as well. One of the reasons that people are more engaged with the Internet comes from the fact that new forms of expression are released every day. At the same time, people who create content on internet receive support from others that agree with their point of view and opinion, and that is one of the most important facts that makes internet such a big deal: the power of communities. When people express themselves showing how they feel and...
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