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Topics: Internet, World Wide Web, History of the Internet Pages: 3 (1392 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Does the Internet Today Brings Good or Harm?
The Internet is a network connecting computers across the world. “It has its origins in military and academic projects dating back to the 1960s, but began to be more widely available from the end of the 1980s. The creation of the World Wide Web (1989) and web browsers (early 1990s) gave ordinary people easy ways of getting around the Internet.” Over the past fifteen years, millions of different websites have been set up, giving people the chance to shop, create businesses, play, learn and communicate online. Over the same period it has become much easier, cheaper and faster to get online in order to do these things (This House Believes the Internet Brings More Harm than Good). However, the question is: Does the internet today bring good or harm? It has been discussed and debated that the internet still brings good throughout the world. “The Internet has brought greater prosperity, allowing not only established business more distribution channels over a wider geographical area but it has also allowed individuals through e-bay, for example, and small independent businesses to flourish.” This has brought a lot more choice to ordinary people, and also driven down prices as people find it easier to compare different companies’ products. The main advantage to small businesses is that they can cheaply set up online and find a global market for their goods and services. By making it easier to work anywhere with an Internet connection, the internet has also abled many more people to work from home and to share projects with co-workers across the whole world which has been abled for greater economic efficiencies ( Britons Spend Nearly ‘One Day a Month Online’). In addition, the Internet has also provided a cheap and wide-reaching platform for independent creative people to share and distribute their work throughout the world. This is accomplished via self-promotion similar to small business, in the form of digital portfolios...

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