Internet and Its Services

Topics: World Wide Web, Internet, E-mail Pages: 4 (625 words) Published: September 17, 2013
1. What do you mean by internet? List the services provided by internet. → The network of networks that spans globally and connects millions of computer around the world so that they become capable to share the information locally and globally. Nowadays it is becoming popular because of following services it provides: * WWW

* Chatting
* Video conference
* News groups
* E-mail
* E-fax
* Telnet
* File Transfer Protocol

2. WWW
It stands for World Wide Web. It is one of the internet service in which large number of documents, formatted using HTML are interlinked to each other. The information in web can be graphic, audio, video and text.

3. Telnet
It is one of the internet service or protocol that enables us to log on to one or more remote computers. It also fascinates user to manage one or more remote computer from single location and access their resources.

4. News group
Internet based discussion group about particular subject or topic is called news group. It is also like a public notice board where anyone can post and read messages. People in this service are organized as per their interest.

5. E-mail
E-mail stands for Electronic mail which is the largest mailing system in the world that enables us to send and receive email message locally or globally. First of all the send email goes to the email server then to the users account.

6. E-fax
This is also one of the services provided by the internet that enables user to send and receive fax message locally or globally when they are in online. Special fax software is used to read the fax message.

7. Video conference
The internet service that enables us to have virtual face to face communication in real time is called video conference.

8. Chatting
It is also one of the popular services provided by the internet that enables us to have communication either through text or through voice in real time....
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