Internet and Its Advantages

Topics: World Wide Web, Internet, Web browser Pages: 4 (1522 words) Published: July 18, 2008
Internet and its advantages

Over the year the World Wide Web has dominated American society. You are now able to use the internet for just about anything. Many businesses have opened store fronts so you never have to leave your home to shop. Online Education has also jumped aboard. Is their anything that you can do online? You can shop; take classes, work, play games, meet other people, and watch movies all on the Internet. With Papa John’s you place Pizza Orders Online, you would never really have to leave your home.

The internet has brought so much to homes and business. No matter who you are or what you like you can find something online to meet your interests. Small Business as-well-as Large Corporation are also using the internet to maximize profits, by reaching people they would never be able to contact by any other means. Other online sources such as EBay and other internet auctions make let people find just what the want and get rid of some of their own items. So as for business without the internet some of their profits would never come be possible. The internet has also made it possible for anyone who wants to earn a degree. Such companies like: LVS, University of Phoenix, UCLA, and many others offer class online in your spare time. So parents and even grandparents can take classes. Online education is also great tool for student who need a more classes, but work full-time. Many colleges and universities offer online class to fit anyone’s individual need. Many people are turning to the World Wide Web as a means of secure job. Many people are going into business for themselves using the internet. Not only do individuals use the internet for jobs, but many companies use the internet to have “work at home” people. Online gaming—has taken the internet by storm games like: Everquest, RPGs, and Many other multi-player games are played hours after hours. And with Microsoft’s Xbox online gaming has become even more popular. Companies are also buying...
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