Internet and Information Paper

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Internet and Information Paper
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Hello Friend,

It is so good to hear from you and I would be happy to answer your questions about Internet. You are right when you assume that the Internet makes my life much easier when I need to find information on anything. Although the Internet is a vast resource of information but not all of the information available is correct. Whatever I do Internet search I asked myself specific questions about the information that I find. I asked myself these questions to assess and evaluate the value of the information I found during a search. For example I would check the domain of the website and its affiliations. I would also ask myself if I notice any bias on the website this happens often because people will put misinformation out there in order to sell or promote their business and or interest. Also I check multiple sources in order to ensure that the information that I just found. By checking multiple sources you can compare the information that you find in order to ensure that the information is reliable and credible. Another tip I can offer you for determining the credibility of the website is to read the text carefully and follow the grammar and spelling rules to be sure that there are no errors. Also how well is the site organized is easy to find information that you are looking for? If the answer to this question is no odds are that the website may not be credible reliable source for information. My reason for saying this is an expert in a specific field would take the time to organize and structure their website in a way to get their information across in the most easily understandable way. So if a website is just thrown together with no rhyme or reason and structure the odds are the purpose of the website is to not share information but to mislead you for alternative motives. In the final tool I use for evaluating a site's credibility is what my gut instinct tells me. It is important...
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