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Internet and Computer Addiction

By zaaaaaiwa Oct 13, 2014 648 Words
1. What is Internet and Computer Addiction?
Internet and Computer Addition has different variety of impulse-control problems which includes: (a) Cyber-Relationship Addiction – it is an addiction to different social networking sites which causes people to care more to their online friends than their real-life friends and family. (b) Net Compulsions – online businesses such as eBay often causes to financial problems. (c) Information Overload – causes people to interact less with their family and affects their daily hobby. (d) Computer Addiction – over using of off-line computer applications or computer programs 2. How do people become addicted to the Internet?

People become addicted to the Internet to relieve unpleasant and overwhelming feelings. Some people use the internet to overcome depression. 3. What are the risk factors for Internet addiction and Computer addiction? (a) You suffer from anxiety. The internet can help you overcome your fears and worries. Anxiety may also cause to excessive e-mail checking and overuse of the internet. (b) You are depressed. The internet helps us to overcome our depression but can also make some things worse. (c) You have any other addictions. Addiction to the internet may also lead to addiction of drugs, alcohol and gambling. (d) You lack social support. People uses online chat rooms to communicate with other people than talking to others face to face. (e) You’re an unhappy teenager. Teenagers use online applications to talk with their friends and make them feel more comfortable than their real-life friends. (f) You are less mobile or socially active than you once were. (g) You are stressed. The longer time you spend in front of a gadget, the higher stress you can get. 4. What are the signs and symptoms of Internet addiction or Computer addiction? (a) Having more time in front of gadgets

(b) Having hard time working with tasks at home or at work
(c) Lack of time with family and friends
(d) Being defensive about your Internet use
5. What is online gambling?
Online gambling is also an internet addiction. Online gambling is the wagering of money or something thru online. 6. List some tips for dealing with Internet addiction. (4)
(a) Ask yourself if you are missing some task to do when you’re already in front of a gadget for a long time. (b) Take a break for at least every 5 minutes and do something else. (c) Stay connected with your friends and family in person. Try visiting book stores, music stores, museums, theaters and other places. (d) Go out with friends who don’t like spending a lot of time in front of gadgets. 7. What is group support for Internet addiction?

A group support for Internet addiction helps people to overcome their addiction with the internet by encouraging them to spend more time with their loved ones and friends. 8. List some tips to helping others with Internet addiction. (4) (a) Being a model. A model who knows how to manage his/her time in front of the computer. (b) Help your friend to do some things that are not related to the internet. (c) Encourage them to go and see some professional counseling about Internet addiction (d) Talk to your friend about what you can say to him/her being addicted to the internet 9. What can we do for helping a child or teen with an Internet addiction? (a) Encourage them to other activities like sports and clubs (b) Limit their use of their gadgets like iPods or smart phones (c) Talk with them with their issues about their over use of the computers and other gadgets (d) Ask for help if your kids rebel against their parents.

10. Do you think you are addicted to the internet?
No because I still have time with my family and friends and I still have time for my studies even though I use my gadgets.

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