Internet Addiction

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Internet Addiction
The use of the Internet on school campuses and in society has increased dramatically in recent years. Whereas the academic use of the Internet is primarily intended for learning and research, the Internet is primarily intended for learning and research. However, from time to time, cases of over involvement with the Internet have been observed on different campuses. The internet is not a habit. It’s an indelible feature of modern life. Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) was originally proposed as a disorder in a satirical hoax by Ivan Goldberg, M.D., in 1995. He took pathological gambling as diagnosed by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM- IV) as his model for the description of IAD. It is not however included in the current DSM as of 2009. IAD receives coverage in the press and possible future classification as a psychological disorder continues to be debated and researched. Online Activities which, if done in person, would normally be considered troublesome, such as compulsive gambling or shopping, are sometimes called net compulsions. Others, such as reading or playing computer games, are troubling only to the extent that these activities interfere with normal life. Supporters of disorder classification often divide IAD into subtypes by activity, such as excessive viewing of pornography, overwhelming and excessive gaming, inappropriate involvement in online social networking sites or blogging, and internet shopping addiction. One counter argument is that compulsive behaviors may not themselves be addictive ( In some respects, addictive use of the Internet resembles other so-called “process” addictions, in which a person is addicted to an activity or behavior rather than a substance (mood-altering drugs, tobacco, food, etc). People who develop problems with their Internet use may start off using the Internet on a casual basis and then progress to using the technology in dysfunctional ways. Many people believe that spending large amounts of time on the Internet is a core feature of the disorder. The amount of time by itself, however, is not as important a factor as the ways in which the person’s Internet use is interfering with their daily functioning. Use of the Internet may interfere with the person’s social life, school work, or job-related tasks at work. In addition, cases have been reported of persons entering to be a patient with that disorder in order to get attention or sympathy. Treatment options often mirror those for other addictions. Although only a limited amount of research has been done on this disorder, the treatments that have been used appear to be effective ( Dr. Goldberg pointed out two main characteristics of IA: using the Internet leads to constant distress; and damages physical, interpersonal, social status. People believe IA is just like the drug or cigarette addiction, but the psychiatrists believe it’s just like the gaming addiction. About 83 million Americans were connected to Internet in August 1999, by the year 2000 the number of those increased by 12 million. As the number of internet users’ increase, the number of internet addicts increases, and problems it causes. It is a disaster, because we only know a very few about the true nature of the internet addiction and treatment methods. According to statistic research every second internet user is an internet addict, they spend their lives at chats, forums, online games and other internet services. They cut their words and sentences to a couple of letters like AFK, BB, and MU, to save the time for internet searching. The majority of internet addicts are teenagers; people that are just have started their life, which need to stay outdoors as long as it is possible to grow up strong, smart and intelligent. But they spent their time sitting in front of the...
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