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|The coin operated timer for PC by Jhunnies is different and better than the competition because it safely and properly shuts down the | |computer when the timer stops. This also have the following benefits: | |Big savings on electricity bills. When the computer is not in use, it is powered off automatically by the coin operated timer for PC. | |Big savings on Internet Bandwidth. When the computer is off, internet downloads cannot happen. | |Guaranteed fresh User Desktop Experience on every timer start. This is applicable especially if the computer is protected by deep freeze or | |similar software. | |Managing and operating an internet cafe or pisonet shop will be very easy. No computer I.T. knowledge is required. Just watch the computers | |generate income. | |Guaranteed secured earnings. No "utang", "nalimutan singilin", "kupit", "tumatakbong di nagbabayad na customers", "palibre sa mga kaibigan",| |and "sumobra na sa oras" problems. | |Useful working life of a computer connected to this device will be longer compared to a computer that is always "on and running". | |No additional software or drivers required. No particular operating system or special software is required (it works even under DOS!). | |Minimum hardware requirements is at least a Pentium PC with ACPI feature support (soft power on and power off). | |Plug and play. Once installed, there is no need to maintain  or manage the coin operated timer. The only time the box should be opened is | |when it is time to get the income. |

• Digital coin verifier that prevents false coin, coin-stringing, blocked coin, coin moving in reverse, sparking, and RF cheats. • Programmable Piso, 5 Peso, or 10 Peso digital coin verifier. • Programmable 1 minute to 160 minute (2 hours and 40 minutes 2:40) per coin digital timer. • Warning beep at last 1 minute and last 4 seconds.

• Computer and LCD monitor is powered on when the timer starts and properly shuts down when the timer stops. • Mini-profile dimesion of 5" x 10" x 11".
• Coin drawer is secured with the included camlock and keys. • Coin drawer capacity: 300 Pesos for Piso and 2,000 Pesos for 5 Peso coins (more or less) • Operating input voltage: 220 VAC 60Hz

• Power output: 220 VAC 60Hz @ 1 Ampere (for LCD monitors) • Power consumption of Coin Operated Timer: 4 Watts • Net Weight: 2 Kgs.

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A: The most common coin operated timer available on the market today are the ones that power-off or cut the VGA signal of monitors when the timer stops. Some of the flaws of this system is that internet download is going on even when the timer stops, vend-mode playing online games or downloading files cannot be stopped. Another is the messy desktop left by the last user, like too many open programs and games all at the same time, making the computer perform sluggish ang laggy. User account security is another big issue, unclosed online accounts will be prone to hacking by the next customer.

Other timers uses software and connects to the USB port of the computer. Problems with this system is the...
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