Internationalism: Nation and World

Topics: Nation, United Nations, Nationalism Pages: 3 (1021 words) Published: March 18, 2014
Although nationalism once played a very progressive role, yet in hands of industrial powers of the world it has done greater harm than good. An atmosphere of nervous hostility rules the world which resembles nothing so much as a cigarette that is thrown onto the grass and may explode with a single spark. World public opinion is getting against it, because it is based on emotions which are very dangerous when dealing with modern civilization. The world has begun to realize the urgent need of replacing international anarchy by international order. If mankind is to save itself from the catastrophe which awaits it, then humanity should replace national exclusiveness by international inclusiveness. The concept of internationalism is coming into our minds. People should now stop thinking themselves as Indians or Americans. They should think in terms of the whole human race. Time has come when the people are to make a choice between international co-operation, and disaster caused by nation­alism. We must now adjust our nationalism to a perspective of international brotherhood. Internationalism stands for a family of self- governing nations linked to each other by bonds of good will, co­operation and assistance. As ideal internationalism is certainly nobler than nationalism because the good of humanity is far higher than the welfare of a particular country or a community, different parts of the world have been brought so close to one another that we do not feel apart and it appears as if we belonged to one great common group. To bring about international peace and order, different nations must discard mutual hatred and jealousy. It will be in the interest of the human race to create a common international authority of one form or another; and that we should embrace internationalism for the good of separate countries, and for the good of the world, as one.

Internationalism keeps the world economy running which improves the quality of life in all nations no...
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