International Trade and Tariff

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Explain the various impacts of an import tariff in small nations vs. large nations. The impact of an import tariff in a small nation is entirely unlike then an import tariff from a larger nation. When smaller nations imposes a tariff, it does not affect world prices, however the price of the importable commodity will start to rise, usually by the amount of the tariff for manufacturers and trade in the small nation. When large nations impose a tariff, it will reduce the volume of trade. Large nation tariffs also improve terms of the nation’s trade. Since the volume of trade is being reduced, it tends to lesson the nation’s welfare. However it also can improve the nation’s welfare. It depends on the welfare of the nation to if it actually rises or falls depending on the two conflicting forces.

What are the three main reasons governments prefer using a tariff to restrict imports versus quotas?
A few reasons why tariffs are better option than import quotas is because, tariffs can generate revenue for the Government, import quotas can lead to administrative corruption, and import quotas can cause smuggling. The reason the government can make money off of tariffs is because there can be a percentage put on imported goods that will generate extra money. There are millions of different things that are imported into a country and the small percentage of tariffs generates a lot of revenue that would be lost of the government unless their trade had an authorizing fee on goods being imported. This can lead to administrative corruption, if there are no restrictions on importing goods then the government has the ability to pick and choose who can import and who cannot. This can give the custom officials a lot of power since they would have the ability to favor and only allow certain corporations. Tariff system helps to rid the possibility of corruptions. This not just the price, but also the quantity sold through supply and demand. Smuggling can occur with an

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