International Trade and Brief Company Profile

Topics: International trade, North American Free Trade Agreement, Free trade Pages: 4 (965 words) Published: August 25, 2013
BSB119 Global Business
Country Feasibility Analysis Report

Due Date: Monday, April 30 2012
Company: Octahedron

Table of Contents
1.0Executive Summary3
2.0 Introduction4
2.1 Brief Company Profile4
3.0 Political-Legal Environment4
4.0 Economic Environment6
5.0 Country of Choice6
6.0 Mode of Entry6
7.0 Conclusion6
8.0 References7

1.0 -------------------------------------------------
Executive Summary

2.0 Introduction

2.1 Brief Company Profile
SWIM software is an innovative product revolutionising the jewellery market. It is therefore hard to determine other competitors as it is a niche product. To assess the competition in both markets, the analysis of its potential of utility will be a better indicator.  Since the late 1980’s, tariffs on jewellery were lowered to 20% and eventually eliminated under the NAFTA trade agreement. With the growth of Mexico’s economy, the demand for jewellery by the Mexican market has also increased. Mexican distributors are actively seeking new United States product sources due the NAFTA agreement. This would suggest far greater potential utility for SWIM software as trade between the US and Mexico creates more processes along the supply chain. Research in 2008 found that in Mexico, “it is necessary to create new strategies where the core competence is the supply chain management.”

3.0 Political-Legal Environment
Country’s differences in relation to political and legal systems can have dramatic impact on the benefits, costs and risks associated with expanding a business internationally (Hill, 2008, p.219). In order to make a well analysed decision on feasibility of expansion of Octahedron into either Mexico or Colombia, the political-legal environments of each country...

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