Topics: Sudan, Nuba Mountains, Southern Sudan Pages: 2 (1008 words) Published: August 24, 2014

The renewed violence in the Nuba Mountains, Sudan. If it were to continue that way without constructive dialogue between the government of Sudan and the rebels, the Nuba Mountains people will be wiped out in the next thirty years!, it will not be because of diseases or the end of the world in Sudan, but because of the Sudan government is policy; blocking of the humanitarian help to reach the people in Nuba Mountains, the rebels in South Sudan making the accessibility in the area more difficult and international communities reluctant to act. In Nuba Mountains, where hundreds of antinonov bombs are dropped every day, and the international communities are doing nothing to abort the atrocious act committed in Sudan, in the Nuba Mountains antinonov shrapnel comes without warning and thousands upon thousands are dying each day from starvation and thousands of the people are being displaced from their ancestral homes caused by man-made disaster on his own citizens and the way how international system operates, I need to study and understand how international community work. Studying International relation will equip me with skill and knowledge relevant to the policy-making in the government agencies, and nongovernmental organization and international organization. I believe with skills and knowledge in international community is important in how political economic and cultural practices of the nation can be designed to shape relationships amongst different communities in Sudan to achieve dynamic freedom of worship, freedom of association and freedom of movement and regulate polices on what, when, where and how these can be maintained in Sudan is complex multi diverse cultural society. The political issues between the government of Sudan and government of South Sudan against their rebels shows no sign of ending campaign militarily in the two Sudan especially in the...
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