International Nurses in Canada

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International Nurses in Canada
Nurses play vital role in the person’s life. Nurses take care of health of all age group of Canadians and make the nation very healthy and wealthy. Nursing, as a career to both men and women offer varieties of opportunities for professional development and the personal satisfaction by helping people, when they really seek caring hand. Duties and Responsibilities of a Nurse in Ontario, Canada

In Canada duties and responsibilities of nurses are well defined and listed with the emphasis on good ethics. The main duties of the Registered Nurses are as follows. Nurses assess patients to identify appropriate nursing interventions and provide medications and treatments according to policies and protocols .They collaborate with team members to plan, implement and evaluate patient care in consultation with patients and their relatives. They educate the patients and implement the institute policies for discharging patients. They assist surgeons, physicians in medical procedure or surgery and successfully monitor and operate medical equipments and supervise subordinates staff. (1.Employment Ontario).They maintain stock of supplies; prepare rooms, sterile instruments and equipments. They perform routine laboratory and office work. (2.Compassionate nursing care). In Ontario, there are two major groups in nursing profession.1.Registered Nurse, 2.Registered Practical Nurse. The important differences between these two nursing professions are education and practice. RN requires studying a four year Bachelor of Nursing degree course and RPN requires studying, diploma program of four semesters. (3.RNAO). Working area of a nurse trained in Ontario, Canada - A nurse trained in Canada can work in nearly 120 countries in the world. This is due to the Global nursing connections of Canadian Nursing Association with ICN (International Council Of Nursing).ICN is a federation of national nurses’ associations, representing nurses in more than 120...
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