International Migration in South Africa

Topics: Human migration, South Africa, Black people Pages: 4 (1258 words) Published: March 17, 2013
This essay report is going to discuss migration and different types of migration, it is also going to confer why people move using a theory of Push and Pull factors. Migration is a broad topic therefore this discussion is going to narrow the topic down using a concept of International migration as its main focus and foundation and more importantly the main causes of international migration in South Africa. Using a South African case this discussion will also ask why the country is losing its skilled workers to developed countries and answer that using theory and historical factors. South Africa is a favorite destination for most African immigrants more especially the Zimbabwean Nationals this discussion will attempt to explain the reasons for its appeal to African immigrants.

What is Migration?
Migration in its broadest sense according to Weeks connotes the permanent movement of people from one place to another (Weeks 2008: 262). In other words migration can be explained as the change and detachment from the familiar dwelling or habitation to a wholly new surrounding with the intention to stay there on permanent basis (Weeks 2008: 262). Migration is different however from sojourner and mobility which also involve movement from one place to another however the reason why these two processes do not qualify as migration is that they involve movement but that is temporal rather than permanent of which it is the case with migration and thus it defining factor (Weeks 2008: 263).

The broadest level definition of migration is all inclusive meaning that it includes different types of migration. Migration can be international and also internal, it also can be voluntary and involuntary (Weeks 2008: 263).Internal migration is whereby persons move within their country of birth or origin, it movement with boarders (Weeks 2008: 263).South Africa for example we know that historically the rural-urban migration was a fundamental part of labor-market...
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