International Marketing Research

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Key concepts for retailers
There are some common key concepts that are common for large retailers in any country where the retailer operates. • Low prices. The retailers usually set prices that are at least 10% lower than the prices of local competitors. The retailer achieves this by low margins and large purchases of goods from suppliers which allow obtaining favorable terms and low prices. • Convenient store location: availability of parking and various customer services (especially in supermarkets such Wal-Mart). • Parameters of the buildings. Usually the stores look like low elongated building. The cost of construction is minimized.

However the features of each country in which the retailers operate affect the basic principles. Retailers try to adapt to these features and make it as a tool of the competition. In regions such as South America and Asia the competition is intense and high. And countries such as Argentina, Brazil and China are attractive for U.S. and European retailers.

International Marketing Research
The term “market research” has a broad meaning (Evans-Pritchard, Hancock, Jones, Mansfield and Gray, 2006) and relates to all aspects of marketing. International marketing research is used by all types of organizations (small businesses, large corporations, international organizations, online stores and nonprofit organizations) to solve various problems. International Marketing Research involves the systematic collection, recording, analysis and interpretation of data related to international sales of goods and services, and also data related to the organization itself and its marketing activities.

Aims and objectives of international marketing research
The aim of marketing research is to assess the information needed and provide the company with accurate, up-to-date, valid and reliable information. It is much harder to conduct international marketing research (foreign studies carried out in a...

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