International Marketing Plan of ZESPRI

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International Marketing Plan of ZESPRI

Executive Summary
Nowadays, with people’s living standard increasingly improve; people start to pursue high quality food with health and nutrition. They tend to purchase the imported food from other countries, such as New Zealand kiwifruit. As the largest kiwifruit exporter in New Zealand, ZESPRI focus on Hong Kong as the target market because Hong Kong is a free port, furthermore, the policies form the government tend to encourage the international trade in Hong Kong with free flow of commodity. This is the reason that attracts ZESPRI to expand its business in Hong Kong. The following report will construct a international marketing plan through internal, external and product analysis in order to support ZESPRI’s business in Hong Kong.

Table of contents

1.0 Introduction
ZESPRI is one of the largest New Zealand based agriculture products company which produce and sell kiwifruit both to domestic and international markets. Its main product is the classic green kiwifruit which is the most widely recognized, popular fruit over the world. ZESPRI’s green kiwifruit includes high amount of vitamin C, more potassium and fibre. Therefore, it is regarded as superfruit. Nowadays, it is one of best-selling product of New Zealand. In order for selling products to the global markets for market share expansion, it is important to classify the markets worldwide. Different prices of the market indicate the different markets for different goods. The global markets can be classified in terms of the 3 categories namely Time Limit, Geographical Area and Competition. According to the time limit, market can basically divides into 4 types, namely the very short-term market, short-term market, long-term market, and very long-term market. Geographical area means the area in which market has its impact on and how much effect it makes and gathers from. Based on geographical area, markets can divide into local market, regional market, national market, and world market. Competition exists everywhere. According to the different extent of competition, markets can divide into perfect competition, monopoly, oligopoly, and monopolistic competition. In this report, the author will construct a international market plan through analyzing the internal and external factors of the ZESPRI.

2.0 Internal analysis
2.1 Company Profile
ZESPRI is the largest kiwifruit exporter in New Zealand. In 1904, Isabel Fraser brought some special black seeds from China. Alexander Allison who is a horticulturist planted these seeds and sprouted them, since that, the tradition of planting kiwifruit is started. Through gradually being successful in the industry, ZESPRI accumulates more and more reputation and being acknowledged to be the giant in the fruit industry. In their business, ZESPRI values customer satisfaction and relationship, and concentrates on the business innovation. It aims to become a monopolistic supplier of kiwifruit through controlling the quality such as requiring the best expertise and practice in the production process. The vision of ZESPRI is to satisfy all clients through providing the most quality, healthy and nutritious kiwifruit to the markets.

2.2 Competitive Advantage and Disadvantage
New Zealand is widely acknowledged as the “pure land” with brilliant sunshine, fresh air and water, and genial climate which are all appropriate to agriculture. The special environment provides excellent condition for the growth of kiwifruit. This makes New Zealand Kiwifruit famous for relative high content of vitamins, minerals and other nutrition which are good for health. Therefore, it is the relatively attractive fruit in the market with a high demand from consumers. The kiwifruit consumption is large in people’s everyday life. It can be used for food in breakfast and dessert. Therefore, it has a high extent of market adaptability. However, it is quite difficult to preserve...
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